Who is Khaled Hosseini?

Who is Khaled Hosseini?

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Brief introduction of Khaled Hosseini.
Khaled Hosseini is an afghan-American author, novelist, activist, and humanitarian. His debut novel the kite runner was a critical commercial success .his novel has all been partially set in Afghanistan and is featured as the afghan protagonist.

Date of publishing:  may 22,2007.
Novel review.
Primary theme.

The title comes from a line of the poem(Kabul)by Iranian poet said Tabrizi, recited by marium father
    "  One could not count the moons that shimmer on the roof "
Or the thousand splendid sun that hides back her wall"
The novel revolves around the story of an afghan girl, Marium speaking about the right of women especially under the Taliban endorsement although marium grow up with regimes that are not oppressive at all.

But under several circumstances, she is enforced to marry Rasheed a Shoemaker from Kabul in Afghanistan. and the American civil war in Afghanistan highlighting many aspects of war, oppression and mainly breaking my western stereotype and highlighting the resistance and bravery among female characters.

Storyline review.

A thousand splendid sun the story of emotions oppression revolution around a girl marium, after kite runner journey with intense emotion this artwork of Khaled, although fictional but very much alive in Readers mind and heart is a delight his lyrical way of writing grabs you and makes you feel as you aren't reading the story but itself narrating it.

The journey of marium a little girl in herat abandon by the society with her mother in a small house to being Rashid wife in Kabul enduring all the oppression and emotional and physical abuse which is unimaginably rending and to seek all. The damage Afghanistan went through throughout the years is truly stressful.

The suffering of Afghan families and women fighting all odds is very provoking to read the character development of marium from a shattered Little girl to outrageous women who stand up for her right and the connection of her with Laila a girl for the neighborhood to Rashid second wife and then the plot Laila and Tariq share are amazingly provoking the reader to feel the thrust the struggles of love, war, sacrifice .

This is so ravishing that you feel the pain of marium, the rage of Laila and them standing for their right seeking for a better life making their way grabs you to your core making a connection that you consider your self a part of their journey to freedom alongside sacrifice that marium give for the better life of Laila and Tariq .

The guilt and sorrow to be the murderer of her spouse and shattered dreams of her broke the reader's heart as well living them in brust of emotional tears knowing that its a fictional story is beyond ravishing.

The end moments of the marium side of the story in jail recalling her dreams her father's love that turn into hate makes reader suffer from her.

Althought on the other side of the story of Laila living a peaceful life with Tariq makes a fresh look to the reader and in spite, the fact these are all fictional character Khaled has connected many lives to one.


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