What is paracetamol and Usage

What is paracetamol and Usage

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Got a headache? Take a paracetamol!
Feeling feverish? Here is the paracetamol !
How often do we hear this statement. Everyone do know the name of paracetamol. Panadol or paracetamol is over the counter medicine that is commonly used for mild ailments like headach, fever, teeth pain, body pain, etc.

Acting agent :

Paracetamol is acetaminophen.

Mechanism of action :

Acetaminophen is an antipyretic (reduces fever) and analgesic (reduces pain) agent that acts very quickly.

It works by blocking the prostaglandins that are stimulating the pain. Panadol and ibuprofen are commonly used otc. But paracetamol is preferred by some people.
Availability :

paracetamol is available nearly world wide and is commonly used.

Safety guidelines :

paracetamol is generally safe for all population. People use it otc.
It can be used for children too. It is safer to use in pregnancy too.

Dosage form :
paracetamol comes in syrup and tablets form too.

Potency :

There are various potency of the tablet.
It comes in 325mg, 500 mg, 625mg and 1000 mg.

Side effects :

Though this medicine is usually harmless and does not cause any side effects but there are some things that should be kept in mind when taking the otc medicine.

  1.  Know about any allergy you have with medications
  2. It may cause diarrhea or bowel irregularities in some people.
  3. Sometimes it can cause skin rash too.
  4. paracetamol can cause disturbance in the nervous system too in extreme cases.
  5. Keep a check on your symptoms after taking medication.
  6. Consult your doctor if you experience any symptoms or side effects.


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