What is Science?

What is Science?

hameed ullah hamish

Science is the basis of our modern civilization.This magical and wonderful knowledge we call science has done miracles in the service of man.
Nature is indifferent, sometimes hostile to man. It is too vast and fearful to be harnessed by our physical strength. It is science which tames nature for the use of man.

Science has its origin in man's desire to satisfy his curiosity and his material wants.   has proven to be the greatest and most effective tool for changing his environment.Its has been of great value in feeding human beings and protecting them from famine disease that had remained incurable for

Science has  brought us comfort and leisure. In its own time , the invention of the plough must have been a great achievement . But research and progress in the field of scientific knowledge began after the Renaissance. So many inventions of science directly or indirectly have contributed to the material welfare of mankind.

Science has given us electricity , without which modern life is  unimaginable. It works out fans , lights, our houses, cooks our foods and does so many other things. If it stops for a
day , life becomes unbearable . Just think of all the things we use and which are produced with the help of electric energy and the immense benefits we get from it. Of course, all these things are the blessings of science.

All the modern means of communication are the gift of science .Who has not used a cellphone and who has not used a computer. Trains, automobiles and aircrafts have shortened time and distance and have brought the people and nations closer to one another. Obviously science has performed these miracles. Now the danger and dread of famine and natural disaster have been greatly reduced.

In any emergency , help can be immediately arranged and rushed to any part of the world. In the field of medicine, science has made wonderful drugs and instruments  Disease like tuberculosis that killed millions in the old days have become curable with the help of new medicines.

Light X-ray unit machines have been made Which can be taken to places where no heavy X-rays units can go. Science has effectively checked epidemics. We have better chances of living longer than our forefathers.

Anyhow, science is not all blessings,it has proved to be a curse also. It is a double edged sword which cuts both face . However, the fault does not lie with the knowledge of science . It is man himself who is misusing this knowledge for the distribution of his own race.Knowledge of science has helped man in devising weapons of mass-destruction.

The whole world can be changed into an atomic energy by a single push of the thumb. However, the does not lie in the knowledge of science. It is man himself who is misusing this knowledge for the destruction of his own race .If this giant of science is put in the bottle of wisdom , It can serve man
like the genie slave of Allahdin's lamp.

In short, science has conquered the forces of nature for the benefit of man. The machines it has invented are making this world a better place to live.The development of atomic energy promises a new era of progress and prosperity. provided man uses it in a positive way


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