Knee pain and its remedies

Knee pain and its remedies

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Knee is designed for mobility and stability of our body. It functions as lengthen and shorten of lower extremity and it help to move the foot in space. Knee joint works with ankle and hip joint in standing. Knee joint is a complex joint of our body. It’s unit for functioning is walking, climbing, jogging, running and sitting activities.
Anatomy of knee joint:

Knee joint consist of femur with two condyles the proximal tibia with two tibial condyles and sesamoid bone called as patella. Knee joint is the complex joint biomechanically and anatomically. A joint capsule covers the two articulation of knee joint; the tibia femoral and patella femoral joint. 

Ligaments of knee joint:
    Ligaments connects the bone to bone they support the knee joint and prevent its from injuries

  1. Anterior cruciate ligament
  2. Posterior cruciate ligament
  3. Medial crucial ligament
  4. Lateral crucial ligament 
  5. Medial meniscus
  6. Lateral meniscus
  7. Medial patella femoral ligament
  8. Lateral patellofemoral l ligament
  9. Lateral patellar tibial ligament
  10. Medial patellar tibial ligament

Muscles of knee joint:

Muscles of knee joint help in stability during walking, gate cycle. Muscles of knee joint control the gate cycle and mobility the muscles that helps the normal function of knee are:

  1.  Tensor fascia muscles
  2. Soleus muscles
  3. Gastrocnemius muscles
  4. Hamstring muscles
  5. Quadriceps muscles

Causes of knee pain:

There are many causes of knee pain. Knee pain compromises the function of knee joint it also decrease the mobility, stability and function of knee joint. If  the person knee pain it will also effect the ankle and hip joint. The causes of knee pain are:

  1. Developmental abnormalities
  2. Joint trauma 
  3. Excess weight 
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Bursitis
  6. Stiffness 
  7. Hypomobility 
  8. Length and strength imbalance 
  9. Muscle contractures 
  10. Nerve injury (mostly by sciatic nerve and common peroneal nerve)
  11. Accident 
  12. Fracture
  13. Sports injury
  14. Ligamentous injury
  15. Muscle’s strain
  16. Rheumatoid arthritis
  17. Osteoarthritis
  18. Muscle pull
  19. Hitting
  20. Falling on knee joint
  21. Hamstring injury
  22. Muscle’s spasm

Medical treatment of knee pain:
    The medicines which reduce the knee pain are:

  1. Muscle relaxants (Nuberolfort, movex)
  2. Ibuprofen
  3. Voltral gel
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Tizanidine

Physical therapy for knee pain:
    Physical therapy play an important role in knee pain management. Physical therapy helps to retain the normal functioning of knee joints. The exercises which help in relief of knee joint pain.

  1. Knee isometric exercises
  2. Knee mobility exercises
  3. Mobilization with movement
  4. Knee stretches
  5. Ankle pump
  6. Quadriceps isometric
  7. Hamstring isometric
  8. Balance exercises
  9. Muscle strengthening exercises
  10. TENS


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