iPhone 13 Design Revealed

iPhone 13 Design Revealed

hameed ullah hamish

Apple is on the top each year iPhone company release new product or series of iPhone. Apples company various products rules and hold the crown of king in the market. 

When a new series of apple company product is introducing to market people make different stores of it's advance technology and features. 

According to forbes magazine newly leaks features of iPhone 13 next generation is roaming at market this leakage revealed some design and features of iPhone 13. 

Most popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) explained in his video about iPhone 13 next generation updates of MagSafe this shocked the whole industry.

 Koroy explained in his video that apple added a new missing features of wireless charging and with Megaface apple can be charged faster and heat up of iPhone will decrease also he pointed that extra voltage wastage will be reduced. 

According to the report of koroy Max doubled as compared to earlier version of iPhone 13 and new portrait mode of video is introduced in this iPhone 13 next generation phone also this will become trending at Tiktok and Instagram. 

Apparently there's changese and improvements brought in hardware like internal memory of iPhone 13 has been reduced. Touch id improved also some journalist reported that apple doubled memory size from 256 to 1TB for apple iPhone 13

Face recognition technology biggest ever changes and improvements compre to previous version of iPhone 13 this will direct store user data can work day night detaction of face. 

Koroy explained software operating system improvement and version updation further he added about the security and privacy policy of the iPhone 13. 

Iphone 13 will be similar to i phone 12 but some changes brought in karenel and software updation but iPhone 13 will be faster and smoothly work. 

Battery life improvement was highly underlined by him further added about new camera that user will be surprised extreme image stabilization. 

The release date of iPhone 13 expected between 7 to 14 September as per previous version of iPhone 13 but yet there is no confirm date of iPhone 13. 

The price expected from $600 to $1099 there are various roumors towards the new release about price , features, design, and software updates but yet no source confirmed exact details. 

There are few months left for the new release and millions of people already placed order for new iPhone 13 online or in store according to sources.


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