Invention of microscope and discovery of bacteria

Invention of microscope and discovery of bacteria

hameed ullah hamish

Infection cannot be ignored. Today we live with infectious organisms and that revolutionized the medical industry of every continent of world. It was not same as witness today.

There was time when no one had any knowledge of any germs such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses. This first happened in 1676 when two scientist discovered very first time the existence of Bactria that lethality killed ruthlessly innumerable population.

These two men discovered that there are organisms that cannot be seen with naked eyes. To see them special magnifying equipment is required called microscope.

Microscope is the equipment that consist of mirrors and it magnify the image that is under course of study. This breakthrough of invention of microscope and discovery of bacteria was the igniting event in medieval ages that changed the course of history and let the individual who had revolutionary mind to think, study and treat the infections in better and better way.

Few infections that was so deadly in past are now considered as normal infection diseases that are treated easily with antibiotics. Antibiotics are medicinal substance that kill bacteria and other germs that enter into human body.

In spite the great achievements of human being in the past and present, germs kept updating themselves and adapted in such a fashion that germs started resistance to antibiotics by changings their shapes and forms.

And interesting few germs adapted friendly relations with the host. In our mouth there are number of bacterial culture is present but these germs don’t damage its host.

In our stomach there are few bacteria that help us to digest food. On the contrary, those bacteria that adapted themselves to more dead and attack the other site of body.

For example in the present day Tuberculosis (TB) can attack lungs, bones, supine and kidneys. Human beings are gift with the defense system by the nature to fight against these germs. This defense system is called immunity.

Our immunity depends upon multiple factors. Specifically, it depends upon the vitamins we take in our diet. The food products that are vitamin rich are fruits, vegetable and milk. Vitamins C is considered as the linchpin for immunity. Vitamin C is present in apple, orange and nuts.

These fruit boost the immunity of person. We cannot live in this age with interacting with these germs. The best way to survive with these germs is to boost the immunity while taking fruits regularly by and using antibiotics very cautiously.


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