Important information should know before Pakistan online visa

Important information should know before Pakistan online visa

hameed ullah hamish

Pakistan government brought big changes for online e-visa. Now more then 125 countries can get visa online without visiting embassy. 

E-visa is a form of visa/permit which allows traveler to enter country and leave country before the expiry date. 

All applicants should submit online form using nadra visa official website. Once immigration officer received your application with in 7 to 10 days he/she will process your application. 

Once your application get approved you will receive visa on email and it will also be stored for downloading at your nadra visa website account.

You can print this email visa and carry with you along with your passport each time you enter and exit from Pakistan. 

The nadra visa website not contains more details for refugees, Travel documents or third country residents applying for visa. 

There are some errors exist on this website when refugees applying for Pakistani visa it get resident country automatically as national of that country. 

Also sometimes processing time of Pakistani visa get too long even months and even customer care not respond on time and what you asked them.

Pakistan government issue one year visa to afghanistan citizens living at Pakistan. In afghanistan you can get visa in 24 hours from near PIA office with ticket. 

Pakistan online visa some time can be refused without any reason and always they sent you email without refusal reason and on email mentioned 

" Your visa application has been refused:"

If your visa have been refused there is no way to contact them or get information about refusal simple solution is that reapply. 

When your application is on hold or in progress or refused you can only file complaint on Pakistan citizens portal application which can help you to find Solutions to your problems

Pakistan citizens portal application is available at Google play store you can download it and create account chose the relevant category and provide all information. This process pass through several process but i have very bad experience with Pakistan online visa system.

There is system exist when you apply through agent you can get visa very quickly and that agent can charge you upto €150 same for the visa extension.

The current online visa system is full of problems customer support is very slow also when you ask from embassy they even not know the state of your application. 

What i recommend you is that always try to apply via agent this way you can save time effort and money. List of agents are available on Pakistan embassy website. 

Conclusion Pakistan online visa or Pakistan e-visa is very good concept if government pay attention to the weakness of system this could benefit. 


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