Importance of Sports in Life

Importance of Sports in Life

hameed ullah hamish

Schools, colleges and Universities are not only meant for study purposes to the students but also helps in nourishment  of their brains along with moral development and body health. Reading books, teaching and Discussion along with their special attention is also paid to their moral and physical education. Because the student will not be able to get a full education unless he is properly fit and healthy.

Some wise man has rightly said that a healthy mind would be in a healthy body. The point of this statement is that a healthy person can get a proper education.

Therefore, in addition to education and teaching in educational institutions, physical health is also taken care of and with extracurricular especially sports, are given special importance.

 Every student has a natural interest in sports during their student days. Most of the students participate in sports. Playing sports speeds up the heartbeat which causes the blood to circulate faster in every part of the body and the body's all small pores are opened.

The lungs function got speed up and clean air and removes impurities from the blood. Fresh air enters into the body and produces fresh blood. Sweating removes body density and dirt. And the body moves and builds strength.

Playing sports strengthens the muscles . Man stays alert, no disease has any effect and old age does not quickly spread its whiteness.

 The biggest benefit of looking at ethically is that it builds morale and unity among students. The spirit of working together is created and obedience to the group leader is taught. In addition, discipline and a sense of order are encouraged.

Good training and education to reach the destination is achieved through concerted and joint efforts. A good player is usually disciplined. At his heart, there is a sea of ​​self-sacrifice, unity and hard work .

In view of these benefits, sports are given special importance along with education in educational institutions. In colleges, PT is in-charge of sports and gets a degree /certificate from a sports organization. Different college teams get instructions from him regarding the technical principles of the game.

So many sports games are played in colleges but cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis are most famous.

Therefore boards and the university hold annual games competitions. Out of which college players participate and prizes or trophies will be given to the first, second and third place teams in each game. Therefore, sports competitions are also very important in every sphere of national life.

Each country is striving in its own sphere of influence to gain political and economic supremacy as well as supremacy in sports.

That's why he makes a team of the best players in his country and it does its best to compete with the other two countries. The importance of sports is evident not only in students and youth but also in the greatness and identity of nations.


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