Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

hameed ullah hamish

Life is a blessing from God and health is wellness, but ensuring health depends on one's own hard work and effort. A healthy lifestyle ensures wellness.

Now, the question arises as to what is meant by a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes all the essentials of a person's daily life. Eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, working, resting are all aspects of life. 

The most important part is food, without which life is unimaginable. Choosing our food determines how much we value our health, sometimes based on human taste due to lack of knowledge.

Then the environment that is available after birth and the kind of eating habits that adults have, children also learn by imitating it. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is also the name of a culture in which all the living conditions. 

Methods are involved and all aspects of a person's life and daily affairs, whether as a unit or as a community, play a role in his health and well-being.

Through awareness seminars and workshops in Punjab Food Authority schools, colleges and universities. And is always at the forefront of serving people, especially through its excellent magazine. In which people are provided with valuable information on how the choice of small things to ensure health makes big changes. 

Seemingly, insignificant things have far-reaching consequences that we imagine can’t even, let's take a look at a few of them. Always prefer fresh and simple food. Vegetables, fruits, pulses and seeds should be used in food and drink.

The closer a person's food is to nature, the closer he will be to food. This is a fact which is authenticated by the hadith and the current research and science also confirms it. 

In this way, the flour performs its work effectively. Food should always be eaten with the family. But alas, in modern times, this trend is becoming less and less. Which needs to be renewed. Generally, children and young people do not like vegetables and lentils, but as a result of the life experiences of adults, they are selected as useful.

In this way, school, college, university and offices should make it a habit to carry lunch boxes from home to avoid using food sold in canteens and carts, which is against the rules of hygiene. Food should always be eaten on time to avoid overeating and poor food choices, and to ensure good health by using the right amount of food.

Food should always be eaten together and chewed comfortably. This also makes a person enjoy his food and use food carefully.


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