Health is ignored in modern age

Health is ignored in modern age

hameed ullah hamish

It is a famous old adage “healthy body carries a healthy mind”. Living in this modern age, human being comforted himself to an extent that he has become so immobile and do not care about the health status.

Meanwhile, his life activities almost depend upon modern technologies which affected his lifestyle in such a way that he always prefer to stay immobile.

The prevalent cardiac disorders and muscular diseases are increasing day by day and its major cause is the current lifestyle of populace.

There are very little pockets of population who regularly perform exercises and take care of their diet.

Secondly, the thing that affected most of our health is diet we are taking. The fast food contain bogus material that has very adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract and devoid of nutrients rich food.

On the longer run, these poor food habits results into chronic diseases that range from cardiac and GIT systems. Once the patients present themselves to clinics, many cases they are at the point of no return and the reason is poor habits that damage their health slow and progressively.

Other poor habits that damage health status are smoking, drinking alcohol, and avoiding activities that include physical mobility.

The other reason that heath issue are increasing is due to unhygienic environments. Germs love dirty place. And this is the primary place where germs start multiplying and start spreading.

According to a survey, malaria and dengue diseases mostly attack their victims that are living in the vicinity of unhygienic places.

In same way the dirty places not only cause multiplication of germs but also affect badly the ground water. It pollute ground water when sewage and other toxic substance seeps into ground water.

This phenomenon is mostly happening in the areas that are less developed both by infrastructural and at educational indicators.

Water borne diseases are those kinds of diseases that spread through polluted water and that water can be high on salts or other organic material that have damaging effect on human body.

Diseases that spreads through polluted water is major problem that the whole world is facing. Around 2.7 billion people of world population don’t have access to clean water.

And around 70% of diseases are linked to drinking water of poor quality.

It is time to step up and take the mandatory actions to upgrade the health status that will lead to community based on health-friendly activities. It is time to start the awareness of health issues that have ignored since long.


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