First Trip After Isolation In Covid- 19

First Trip After Isolation In Covid- 19

hameed ullah hamish
We got married two years ago. Though we had planned for a family trip, that was cancelled for the covid-19 issue. For this reason, we were going to self-isolate from our consciousness. We were frightened by this covid- 19 pandemic situation. After long isolation, we think it should be broken down for our mental serenity.

In the meantime, my friend Zoya recommended us to travel with them to Sajek Valley. So, we think it’s a good opportunity to refresh our minds. Then we all are booking bus travel tickets from an online travel agency- Cholo Bangladesh Tour. And this is our first trip after isolation in covid-19  crucial situation.

The Sajek Valley- First Trip After Isolation In Covid- 19.

We get ready for the tour with sufficient protection like- hand gloves, mask, sanitiser. We started our journey to Khagrachari.

After a  long journey, we reached Khagrachari. Then we went to Dighinala army escort for permission and a Secure road journey to Sajek.

Finally, we reached the mesmerized Sajek Valley! Though it was so tiring for me because of its long path. But when we reached the top of Sajek, all of my tiredness had gone to see the cloudy sky, the imposing scenery of the hill. I have never seen this type of natural beauty in my entire life! This is one of the attractive places in Bangladesh!  Then we went to our booking resort for some freshness and prayer. Our tour guide arranged all of these.

After that, we went to a Restaurant - 'Cafe Mantana' for lunch. We had mashed potato, vegetable curry and the most popular bamboo chicken with rice. The quality of food was good. Then we take some rest there.

My husband and my friend Zoya were unstabled about going to Konglak hill. Because it is an amusing place in the Sajek Valley.

Then we started trekking to the top of Sajek Valley. It was an exciting and adventurous journey. At first, I was afraid. I hold my husband's hand tightly. Zoya mocking me for a few minutes. But I was fascinated when I saw the sunset! My husband said-

"I can spend my whole life looking at this beautiful scenery while holding your hand."

At that time, his speech and the scene made me feel like Paradise! Though Heaven is beyond imagination.

Then we came back to our cottage. The next morning, when we see the Sajek in the morning, we think it is foggy. But it is cloudy. And this Sajek Valleys whole nature mesmerised ours one more time. And our voice automatically said- "all praise for the Almighty Allah!"

Zoya is so expert at pic selfies. Randomly she pulled out her phone from her purse. Then pick up some selfies.

"Pia come here, let me pick up some photos with you," Zoya says.

"I Don't like it, you know that. Just pick up nature photos." I replied.

"Boring women!" Zoya whispers.

My husband is smiling. We have so much fun there. After two days we returned home from Sajek Valley.

Our first trip after isolation in covid-19 was awesome. Sajek is decorated full of natural beauty. It is like a cloud kingdom on earth. We will never forget those days and memories ever.

In these horrible circumstances, our minds become fed up and frustrated. We lost our survival hope. This journey inspired us and made us feel the Almighty creatures loftiness.

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hameed ullah hamish
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