Find out who viewed your Facebook profile Secretly

Find out who viewed your Facebook profile Secretly

hameed ullah hamish

All your posts information or stories on Facebook may not show up on friends' walls. But friends, relatives, parents may search for you to know what you are doing on Facebook. For this reason, many Facebook users view your profile from time to time secretly.

But how do you find if a stranger outside of your friend's list is exploring your latest photos, status, or profile?

You can easily capture it out by following these simple steps. The majority of applications can perform this. In that case, many times results are not correct. Moreover, if you decide to get the results using these applications, hacking your account can also be possible.

With the help of these applications, you can see a visitor who has visited your Facebook account.

So how find out who viewed our Facebook profile

  1. Turn on your desktop or laptop to open a web browser and connect to your Facebook account. Then right-click any place on the Facebook home page drop-down menu will appear to click on the " View Page Source " at this point, you will see a complete page filled with source code in the new tab of your browser that you will not understand. But there are nothings to be scared

  1. Press Ctrl + F on the source code page of Facebook to find. It will show up or on the bottom of the browser page the search dialog or input box. Enter the following line "BUDDY_ID" in the search field. There will be a 15-digit code printed on the right side of the " BUDDY_ID " tag. Multiple codes can be founds next to the related Tags. This code is the profile ID of the visitor who visited your profile.

  1. Now, to further find out this ID follow the last step, Type on your browser address bar, copy that code from bracket paste the 15-digit code with a slash (/) sign next to on the address bar like " " and press the Enter key on the keyboard to search profile. After Enter Key pressed  Facebook account or user profile will be opened in the browser that visited your profile.

    This trick allows you to see the person who visited your profile. Sometimes you will find a long list of the users that is very complicated to know who visited first this show friends and unfriends list of code.


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