Digestive system of human

Digestive system of human

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Gastrointestinal or digestive system:
The digestive system or GIT is network of many hollow orang starting from mouth to the rectum anus.Including oral cavity (mouth, oesophagus , pharynx ,larynx, stomach ,small intestine ,large intestine , pancreas, liver .
With help of all these organ your food is broken down ,and then absorbed into blood to fulfil your body needs

Organ of digestive tract:
1: major organs.
The major orang that are directly involved in digestion are
Oral cavity, Stomach , Intestine
2: accessory organs .
The organ which are not directly involved in food digesting but help major organs to make digestion process even better
Salivary glands,Pancreas, Liver

Functions of digestive tract.

The major function of digestive tract is to break down food and convert it into small molecules that can be easily absorbed into blood the process of digestion is divide into different phases or step's

  1. Intake of food
  2. Breakdown of food
  3. Absorption of food
  4. Assimilation (utilization)of food 
  5. Elimination or excretion of waste material.

As your food gets into your body through mouth the food is converted into soluble molecule while passing from your digestive tract.

Oral cavity:
As you intake your food by mouth it goes through following processes
Firstly you taste your food with tounge as their are taste bud present on surface of tounge that can detect any type of tase .salty , bitter,soure any .

Than grinding or chewing by teeth's there are 32 teeth's in average human being that crush or grind food into smaller pieces.

After that the saliva from salivary gland mixes up with food to make it smooth and  add lubrication to it .
Then your food is rolled down to oesophagus in a ball shape bollus

Is a long tube of about 25cm near your trachea which help to swallow your food and pass it to stomach for furthermore digestion.

Is a J shaped organ special for digestion of food .
The most important part of digestive tract it where most of your digestion take place it convert food into uniform soup like mixture by adding HCl and pepsin to digest various component of food like protein , carbohydrates the food is then converted into soup like structure chyme.

Small intestine.
Your small intestine consist up of three segment  

The small intestine is about 6meter in average adult human
It's largely responsible for the digestion and absorption of food into blood stream with help of small finger like structure villi present in it.

Large intestine.
It's the last part of digestive system it also consist of Three segment
Here most of reabsorption of water salt take place and waste product are eliminated through rectum.


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