Afghanistan tour of Australia Nov-2021

Afghnistan cricket board (ACB ) is arranging tour of Australia to play only test match between two countries at Bellerive Oval Hobart

This test series was postponed several times due to Covid-19 and Indian premier League intial date was fixed in month of December 2020

Australia cricket board announced postponed of this series due to IPL and Covid-19 locked down and currently reschedule on 27-November 2021 at perth stadium Australia. 

Afghanistan team have not played any international match due to Covid-19 lockdown b Read More

What is paracetamol and Usage

Got a headache? Take a paracetamol!
Feeling feverish? Here is the paracetamol !
How often do we hear this statement. Everyone do know the name of paracetamol. Panadol or paracetamol is over the counter medicine that is commonly used for mild ailments like headach, fever, teeth pain, body pain, etc.

Acting agent :

Paracetamol is acetaminophen.

Mechanism of action :

Acetaminophen is an antipyretic (reduces fever) and analgesic (reduces pain) agent that Read More